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Of Broken Hearts & Never Ending Dreams…

All of us I guess at some point have had that perfect person, The One who walks into our lives. Some of us are lucky but I guess for most of us they also tend to then walk out. I have had one such love, the Mr. Perfect who would create a fairy tale out of mundane life. He would walk in and everything would automatically be alright!

Funny thing though, is we never really touched each other and yet somehow we continue to touch each other lives, for over a decade now. For a decade I have been keeping track of his numerous girl friends, while mending my heart over the numerous boyfriends.

The first time we met each other we spent the whole night together 😉 he with the men praying, me with the women trying to keep my eyes open through the sermon that was being delivered. I remember him as the geeky boy in front of whom I behaved more civil then really I am because I didn’t want to scare him away. I had both a tiny crush on him and a boyfriend at the time.

He grew up to turn into a Babe Magnet, me in to an Ass Magnet (True Story I tend to fall for the very worst). I have stalked him through a decade of Hi5, Orkut and Facebook. Somehow there was always this hope that someday we will both meet at cross roads where we will be ready for each other. I have imagined a million movie scenarios, thousands of “Meet Cute” moments, and yet somehow destiny hasn’t really played the expected part.

Anyway, coming to the point, while looking for a lover I have created this friend I have pretty shared all my life with. The comfort in the fact that he is not going to be judgmental about anything I tell him because he doesn’t know anyone I am talking about. It’s scary how much we know about each other. Sometimes I feel maybe it was the distance that did not let our relationship thrive, but then maybe the truth is that it’s the distance that has bound our friendship for the last decade or more where not being physically around each other hasn’t really mattered.

All of us or at least most of us have come across this person we just never stopped loving because there were moments when they made life perfect. The security blanket was tucked in safely and lots of happy dreams happened. But then again Life also happens, sometimes harshly to the Mr. Right… and sometimes it creeps up slowly behind his Miss Perfect.

All I am saying is don’t let go of that dream until you really want to, even if everyone else is going to be telling you otherwise, “How it’s not good for you to hold on” bla…bla…bla… Because sometimes no matter how difficult the day has been, you go back home, curl up under that blanket and think of your own little “Mills and Boons” and why not?

I don’t know when I am going to find my other half, but until then my Friend of 10 years, I shall continue to stalk you. 😀

Love Always, Xena.


  1. Haha! I was smiling throughout this post 😛 It seemed like my own story! Thanks Z for telling me it’s alright to still think about him 😉

    With love and waiting to read more from you,
    Another Z 🙂

  2. Prerna Anchan says

    I hope you do not term me in to an obsessive compulsive comment leaver 😀
    I reminisce our days when we used to work together and now when i read all your articles the memories come gushing back. Maybe that is why i can relate or picturize what you are trying to express here because i imagine how you must be thinking.
    All in all, Keep Writing because i love reading your articles and i am so sure you have many admirers.

  3. Prerna …. I love obsessive comment giver …. Thank you so much for going through all of them …. Love the support….

    Thanks for reading …. this is what keeps motivating me to write 🙂

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