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The Suitable Boy Diaries


There will come a time in your life when you might be introduced to the novel idea that its not just  products that reach expiry dates, it happens to people too!

I am closing in on the 25 year mark very soon, needless to say that leaves some very worried parents wondering if their beautiful daughter will ever find a suitable match, if she will ever tie the knot.

You see us girls – the independent, power packed types, we need to curtail our natural urge to give it right back to crappy people before they have had the time to say ‘Hello’. The secret to landing the perfect groom is sometimes to hold your silence and have a little patience, or so I have been told.

Sorry to inform you ladies, we are no longer ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ that Prince Charming will come charging for, going through the dense deadly forest.  The Ganges has indeed started flowing in the opposite direction, we will now have to maybe clear all the weed and charge for the palace where ‘He’ is being guarded , by his Evil Step mother and Ugly Sisters (Hope Not).

Here are some tips to get you through the intense, grueling procedure of Match Making, a recipe handed to me by veterans, who have been there, done that!

So here goes ‘The Suitable Boy Diaries’:

1# It may take you ages to determine whether a person is right for you… but it takes about 30 seconds to determine if they are wrong.

2# When visiting the match making aunty be at your best behavior otherwise she will introduce you to only the ‘bad boys’; or worse still she could also bump you off the list of ‘The Suitable Girls’.

3# When meeting the guy for the first time – if you are a chatter box be just that, trying to be different can be utterly confusing. Mostly to you.

4# If you have an Incredible urge to be Incredibly honest just be Incredibly quiet!

5# Never Discuss your shortcomings in the first meetings as far as everyone is concerned you are nothing less than Perfect.

6# If he is not pretty, he is not allowed to have too many conditions.

7# If a guy is ‘too good to be true’, then it is true!

8# When it come to background search, trust your parents, they could put CIA & FBI to shame.

9# If the boy’s family wants to see your picture before making a call on whether their prince should be exposed to your eyes. Shield your eyes and hide your photo.

10# When asked silly questions by the boy’s mother and sisters, answer with utmost sincerity; dumb people usually can’t deal with the witty folk.

Given my love for quotes, I am going to leave you with one that touches my heart every time, something that Carrie said in The Sex and CityMaybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with.

 Someday I hope I find someone who can match up to that idea, until then, like my Rebellious Friend says, “Love is Patient”.

Love Always, Xena

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  1. Reema Bagdai says

    Well written as always!
    I completely, totally agree with the 1st point, its always true in my case!

  2. And might I add, in case of the so-called meetings, you are supposed to be dressed demurely (starched salwar-kameez with the dupatta) otherwise you are termed as a ‘very forward’ girl with the big bad city influence! 🙂

  3. Prajkta says

    What you need to add:

    Ask the boy “Cheeni kitni lenge aap?” just so that you come come across as polite and considerate

  4. Prerna Anchan says

    I am simply wondering how did i not read your articles before. ALL OF THEM have a hint of truth and are simply soo good.

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