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My Confrontations with GOD

God has a way of keeping His favorite children close. Every time I begin to settle for something He has a way of shaking me.

God: This is not what I planned for you; your destiny is greater than just settling into the mundane, then just making do with what is best available.

I am on my way to give you what you utmost desire, just be patient, just hold on. It’s not far away. I am showing you all the ugliness, making you witness it only because I know that what I have in store for you is bigger, better.

Hold on, my favorite child, just a little while longer, I know it hurts and I know u think it cruel, but it’s important for you to see, for you to witness what needs to be seen; to see people are ugly, only then will you understand real beauty.

You will never enjoy sweetness, if you don’t know what real bitterness tastes like.

Me: And I am holding on, I am waiting for you to show me beauty, love, compassion. To show me what people who care for others look like.  But I can’t hold on much longer, I feel betrayed, everyday. The more I try to find happiness in little things, the more I try to make the best of what’s Here and Now, the greater is my pain…..the higher my frustration.

If you are around, if you are listening to me, show me a miracle, lift me…..because I can’t go lower than this, I can’t hold on much longer. My smile hurts my face, my feet pain from bouncing around happy. I need to move on ….I need to see love ….I need to find my story….and I need to do that now…..right now!

God: Just hold on then, have faith for a bit more.

Me: No, this is it. They say I need to be thankful to you, so that you are benevolent to me. How is it that your benevolence is not showing? I am thanking you for everything….I am thanking you for everything, but hold me now. Because I am inches away from throwing all this away, from throwing our relationship away. I have no more faith to keep, and I am running out of goodness too.

You ask me to be kind, and I am.

God: Think of what you set out to do. Stop looking for what’s mine to take care of. Just live for what you believe in. Teach kids, that’s what you want to do right? Reach out to more people, that’s what you live for right? Tell your story, that’s what you love right? Find comedy in cruelty, that’s how you deal with things right?

What is meant for you, needs to find its way to you, has to live its own destiny to be able to entangle with yours. Just close your eyes. Breathe & Believe.

Because frankly my love, that’s all you can do at this point.

Love Always, Xena


  1. Fatema says

    Hi dear Xena,
    V. nice scriptation of your conversation with good.We talk with God v. often all of us with a belief that talking in the pain and sorrow will definately reduce our pain and bring back the stability out of all the thermoils and turbulences.This is what I also do..often ..time and again only difference being I do it in my mind or heart…or closed bathroom, under the blanket..ur blogs reminds me that I m no different from you or others..n hush that makes me feel normal….!!!:)

    Keep doing the good work…
    Fatema K.

    • Hey Fatema,
      One of the biggest reasons for me writing … my greatest motivator is to discover pple who feel the same way…. it does make me feel normal too.

      So I guess so far … so good 🙂 And ofcourse i recognize and remember you.

  2. Fatema says

    Well forgot to mention .in case you didn’t recognize who I am…its your old school buddy…

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