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Mecca: The God of Small Things

The first thing I expected to be hit by, when I entered mecca was

His Magnanimity

The first thing that I was actually hit by,

Man’s Unquenching Thirst for Urbanization.


The God of Small Things. It was one of the first books I ever read. The only book of Arundhati Roy that I like.

The book talks about a simple love, that looks not for rewards but rejoices simply in its imperfections. Where two people are together because it makes them happy. Where the only binding factor perhaps is their need for acceptance, a quiet and calm acceptance. Where they exist in their differences, where they revel in their contradictions.

The book celebrates the little things that makes us happy, the smile , the companionship, the embrace, the feel of skin under skin. The Small Things.

I went to meet Him (God) recently, apparently

He does have a little address right here on earth. If you know me even a little bit, you would know that we, Him and Me, we share an interesting equation. A very volatile one though, sometimes we are  in constant conversation and sometimes we don’t talk at all.

Anyway I was very excited about finally visiting Him under His roof, rather than mine. And so I went.

While entering Mecca, I was thinking I am going to see all these roads and in the center of it the Kabaa’ . The spot over which His chair resides. I was in for a shock. On entering the city,  urbanization hit me in full swing, what I saw where tall mega structures, relentless floors of capitalism. I could not see the Kabaa’ …it was hidden somewhere in an urban jungle.



I wondered how something like this could have happened? Weren’t we to maintain the sanctity of God?  To respect that fact that if He is the giver of peace and calm, perhaps He also should be left in peace and calm. I mean how can He give us what we want, if He doesn’t have it Himself.

The idea was that developing property so close to the Kabaa’ would enable you to feel Him  from your very balcony. That was the Central Concept – Balcony seat to God’s house. The real estate rates were fantabulous and so was the scope of being able to see God from your window.


I entered the mosque that evening, and had a glimpse of that humble stone structure covered in black cloth, standing in the center with a sea of humanity circling it, asking for Peace, Forgiveness, Health and Wealth among other things. And I realized no matter what we do, how tall we grow, how fat we get and how much money accumulates in our banks, He will always live in the small things.

Tears welled up in my eyes, for I had so much I wanted but my head remained blank. I looked up and all I wanted was for Him to grant me the same humility with which He exists. To let me stand my own height in the tallness of this world. To keep my simplicity in the puzzle that life eventually becomes. To give me the strength to survive in my own little way –  in a world which exists in a way of its own.

That was the moment I realized that He exists in the small things. In that little girl who is standing in front of him with tears in her eyes. In me.

I messaged a friend and asked him, “tell me quick, what do u want?”, he replied, “I have everything, just pay him my regards.”

And so I did. Payed him both our regards.

Love Always, Xena


  1. Anonymous says

    You are telling me that you now actually believe in God of small things! Hooray!

  2. This is the 1st time ,I’m coming across your blog,funny thing is ,I wrote an article about my relationship with God too,it was titled similarly too!too many like minded people,anyways good job:D!

  3. Prerna Anchan says

    Everytime i read something that has been written by you, all i can say is you are good, so very good. The way you have described your experience, it seems i can see it happening in front of my eyes.

    Keep writing 🙂

  4. … You went to the Hajj? Even though I’m not of the faith I’d like to see it simply cos it’s one of the biggest religious gatherings. I guess I’ll have to marry one then to do it 😉

  5. Nancy Vijo says

    Heyya :

    I have read almost all of your blogs, but this one is different. Striked a chord in me somewhere. This one is too good. True to the heart, true from the heart!

    Keep writing!

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