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If you’re happy and you know it.


#100happydays… @Pay it forward…10 ways to stay happy…6 steps to a happy life…so on and so forth.

Ever wonder why we are trying so hard to be happy?

I look at this kid who sees the wheels of a car rotating and starts to clap his hands…I think to myself, “Stupid child, gets excited by just about anything”. Then I secretly wish that I was like that..happy about random mundane things.

When I lived in a hostel, I craved for a place of my own. When I lived by myself, I craved for family. In a house full of people, I wish I had my own little den.

An education will make you qualified. Qualification will get you a job. Get a good job and then marry a boy who has a good job. Marriage will make you happy.

You can wear a pretty dress and the day will be all about you. Everyone will be happy, laughing, eating, joking, dancing. My mom will cry a tear or two and in absolute Bollywood style declare that one of her biggest worries has been sorted, the responsibility of her rebel daughter now lies in someone else’s hands.

Conversations about marriage would once upon a time thrill me. Now they make me wonder if they really are worth it. Maybe it’s just a severe case of sour grapes or maybe I have come to realize that commitments are not bound by legal contracts.

Every weekend I desperately try to busy myself in as many activities as I can. Some I claim are intellectual, some about giving back to society, others networking, while yet another slot is reserved for this gorgeous concept, “Me Time”.

I like being busy at work. So busy that I do not know how fast the day went. I wish to be so tired that I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

As I sit here and write this, I have this realization dawn upon me …Religion, Education, Matrimony, Ethics, Profession…these are all things that are meant to keep us busy. Busy from what we actually want – which is : To simply be happy.

No Instagram pictures of 100happy days and no Paying Forward.

Let’s do what we do because we feel like doing it and not because we ought to.

Love Always, Z

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  1. Imran Khan says

    Is there anyway possible to reduce one’s needs??, when ever i wanted to have something, i did hard for it. I felt this is final and eventually i’ll be happy after achieving it, the very next day after my so called success, I am on to something else. Its the desire and needs root cause of our lives, i have retreated myself from needs, in order to be more happy

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