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Pearls of Wisdom or Perils of Boredom

I promised myself to do a book review every month. To talk about some poignant pearls of wisdom that I have discovered on my journey through the literary adventures I have embarked upon.  Then this happened!

Below is the list of the 4 songs with the most ridiculous lyrics known to mankind.

Literary Gem 1: Notice that the rubbish below comes with a rhyming scheme.

Pyaar karle tu aaj angoor ki daughter se…                                         Naseehat bhool jayega tu ek quarter se                                                   Peene waale ko bhi jeene ka mazaa ayega                                                     Ye woh daaru hai jo chadh jaye sirf water se

Come fall in love with the grape’s daughter (wine reference BTW)       You will forget all of life’s lesson, with just one quarter                    Enjoy your life whilst drinking                                                                             This the kind of alcohol that will hit you with plain water!


Literary Gem 2: I wish I could tell you more about this song but then the first paragraph was all I could understand. And thank God for that!

Aaj blue hai paani                                                                                                     Paani pani paani paani paani                                                                                Aur din bhi sunny                                                                                                  Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny                                                               Aajaao on the beach yaar                                                                                     Photo meri kheench, phooti kismat hogi teri                                             Gar tune ye baat na maani

Today , blue is the water                                                                                     Water …water…water …water                                                                         The day is also sunny                                                                                             Sunny …Sunny …Sunny …Sunny                                                                   Come on, on the beach and take a picture of me                                     Your fate is ruined, if you don’t listen to me

Safe to say  my sanity was ruined because of listening to you!


Literary Gem 3: This song has a bit of English in it, pretending to be all bilingual and larger audience reach, which means I don’t even have to translate the atrocity in this one.

You soniyo, she put up a show
Unless I’m impress, Baby I gotta go
I won’t mind tell you that I take you floor
But tonight no bites
Cause the wife will know

The grammar Nazi in me jumped off the roof while listening to this one.


Literary Gem 4: The word ‘gold digger’ just got a new address.

Tu leya de meinu golden jhumke..                                                                  Main kanna vich paavaan chum chum ke                                                Mann jaa ve… mainu shopping kara de                                                     Mann jaa ve… romantic picture dikha de                                  Requestaan paayiaan ve..                                                                               Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve

Get me golden earings                                                                                                       I will kiss them and wear them in my ears                                                             Why don’t you agree … to take me shopping                                            Why don’t you agree… to take me to a romantic movie                              I am requesting you                                                                                                White wrists, I have got White wrists

Man, the white girl always has it easy. Don’t blame me for my racism, blame Bollywood!

Happy listening, you guys. Happy Listening.

Love Always, Z

P.S: I must take a moment to admit that not only have I enjoyed some of these songs but also danced to them, albeit to the beats. The lyrics are just too hot to handle!

P.P.S: If you know songs equally ridiculous but dance worthy, be a doll and share the link below. I mean be a Baby Doll, Yo!


  1. siddhant Kumar says

    Lol! About time someone pointed this shit out!

    My personal favs are.

    “Main toh tandoori murgi hoon yaar
    Gatkai le saiya alcohol se!”… I mean seriously wtf!!!

    “Aaja lagja gale se mere ‘tha’ karke”…now that’s innovative!

    Finally anything Anu Malik has ever sung but this particularly is remarkable.

    “Do me a favour let’s play holi” …do me a favour Malik sahab just stop. Please!

    Zaar I loved what you’ve tried to cover here. Do one about terrible movie dialogues. Oh boy! That’ll be a blast.



  2. Insiya says

    Did you just miss out on the latest Sunny Leone blockbuster song?

    Haay main jhumka lagake nachu main thumka lagake nachu – 2
    Na mujhko tok re
    Meri desi hi meri desi hi meri desi hi meri desi hi
    Meri desi hi look meri desi hi look
    Meri desi hi look pe
    Ho marr gaye gore gore gore gore gore gore gore gore gore chokare

    I will wear earrings and dance, I will shake my hips and dance
    Don’t stop me
    On my Indian look..on my Indian look..on my Indian look..
    For my Indian look..for my Indian look..for my Indian look..
    All the fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair boys have died


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