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Turkey: Flying Solo

The Ghostly Galata Towers

The Ghostly Galata Towers

The best way to learn how to swim is to be thrown into the deep end. The best way to learn how to travel alone is to be abandoned by your travel buddy after you reach the destination!

A very close friend of mine once told me, “Z being alone is the ultimate truth of life”, and rightly so. But being alone has also always been my ultimate fear, alone-ness is my spider, my closed space, my height, my water, all rolled into one.

The trip to Turkey, my first solo-trip made me confront this fear. I am not going to bore you with the long process of how it happened, but just know that I actively seeked company in strangers and ventured out alone. The result – a whole lot of memories and shit loads of photos. I have shortlisted the following photos to give you a glimpse into the trip (mind you its only a glimpse), because if I were to write about it, the blog would turn into a book.

They say ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, I hope this one conveys volumes to you.

I arrived in Istanbul, on a snow covered night and then woke up to a frosty morning. The beginning of a white adventure. 🙂snow

Everything I loved about Istanbul, especially the dish I found in the Spice Market! 😉

While everything about Istanbul was monumental, the Hagia Sophia stole my heart and how!Hagia Sofia02

A birthday that started with flying into the open skies, all be it in a basket tied to a balloon!


Capadoccia: The land of prospective wall papers.


I wouldn’t be complete without food and Turkey is a treasure trove.


And finally the most important aspect, the people I met along the way. Because let’s face it, “I Freaking Love People!” (well at least some of them).

people1. Faye (China): I met her on my tour of Pamukkale. Who would have said we had just met that morning.

2. Thuraiyya (Holland): I met her during breakfast at my hotel, she was hunting for something sensible to eat, I helped her figure.

3. Burak (Istanbul): Dad’s business contact in Istanbul. Yes, Daddy comes to the rescue even across borders.

4. Kate & Angela (USA): Because Americans are just that much fun!

5. Vincent (UK, Kuwait, India): DJ Firang! Enough said.

If you haven’t tried traveling alone yet, I strongly suggest you do. And if you need a travel buddy, then I am always up for a good vacation.

Love Always, Z

P.S: Most of the pictures are not taken by me and now I don’t remember who clicked what… so due credit to all those who contributed. 🙂


  1. manish says

    And who can forget the ekmek balik at the bank of the bosphorus sea…fresh from the waters…:)I too have my memories

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