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The Friend in Need

Sosan ruined my childhood!

Or at least that’s how I tell the story every time I introduce her.

You see what I am talking about!

You see what I am talking about!

One fine summer when I was 5, 6 or 7 years old she moved into our building and took away the two friends I had (who weren’t much of friends anyway). In my 5, 6 or 7 year old head she was a demon with pretty Barbie’s and a princess bed with a baby pink canopy.

From age 5, 6 or 7 through 19, I wasn’t really fond of her (i.e. to put it politely).

When I was 19 I came back home for a LOOOOONNNNGGGG Vacation (why it was so long is a story for another blog). I was down in the lobby area of the building (if one could call it that), and she was there too. And just like that we started talking. And then I borrowed some movies from her and then some more. And then later that week she suggested I go over to her place and watch some movies with her. And we were up till 6 am watching movies, talking, stalking ex-boyfriends on Facebook etc. etc., for the next 5 months. I told her how I hated her and it became a joke. A joke we laughed at together.


Up till 6 am for breakfast and then sleep through the day


She tried, she tried her very best. Still does.

I moved to Mumbai to complete my graduate studies and we drifted away. We started to lose touch until one fine day she called me to tell me she was getting married and moving to Mumbai. After that, every meeting with her felt like being home for that brief window in time.

The most precious thing about her is the fact that no matter what the problem, the moment I talk to her about them, I start laughing. Thinking how silly it all is. And so while I have friends who make me see reason and enlighten me through conversations, I have Sosi, who simply enables me to laugh at challenges.

I moved back to Kuwait some two years back and we have started to drift apart yet again, we don’t meet as often as we used to, we barely talk even when we are a local phone call away.

But Sosi, one of my fondest memories from Mumbai are going for drives with Zain and you. When you’ll dropped me to the airport that one last time with 5 other people and luggage stuffed into the car.


Through birthdays, farewells and general merry-making.

There are friends you share good times with and then there are friends who come to rescue you during your adversity.

Thank you for being there, then.

Love Always, Z

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