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The Real Person

If I ever had an elder sister, I would want her to be like Snehal…

The first time I met Snehal was at a Toastmaster meeting, I don’t know if it was her warmth or the mention of the word Sanjeewan (a boarding school we both attended, albeit in different eras), but there was an instant kinship.

Because the photographer must sometimes to photographed...

Because the photographer must sometimes to photographed…

She is caring, compassionate and fun, but her most distinguishing quality is the fact that she is real. She can accept a compliment just as gracefully as she can admit her mistake.

Of course she can drive you up the wall when she cancels on your long standing plan, or when she is in one of her ‘disappearing from the social scene’ phases, but there is never permanent anger with Snehal. Try to talk it out with her, and there is that heartfelt apology (only if it is her mistake) and a sincere smile, that will make you wonder why you got angry in the first place.

I do vouch for the fact that Amit (the husband) is an awesome cook, so clean that kitchen Snehal!

Unlike most people, Snehal does not portray a picture perfect life… every once in a while she will grumble about how her husband, who is an amazing cook, leaves the kitchen in a real mess after he is done creating his masterpiece; or the fact that her adorable daughter has the tendency to get her goat with her insistent questioning of everything that exists under the sun. But then there is also this person who will quietly mention how her husband would really enjoy a certain dish we are sharing at a certain restaurant, or you will catch a silent tear rolling down her cheeks when she is away from her whirlwind of a daughter.


Miss Nanya, being her usual fabulous self!

Snehal is the decent friend you introduce to your parents, because they won’t call you a million times when you are with her (or when you claim you are with her.)

Here are a few more reasons why I love Snehal:

  1. She can find the funny when my dad is being a grump in the car.
  2. She can be crazy or calm, depending on what the occasion demands.
  3. She is the best roommate.
  4. She lets me turn her necklace into a hair band.
  5. She gets it when I talk about MPH, or Dining hall in Sanjeewan.
  6. She can understand that I need to grumble in front of everyone about how she cancelled on me.
  7. She lets me pick souvenirs first (boohoo M!).
  8. I can have deep meaningful conversations about life with her, or simply sit and bitch about the world.

Did I mention we love food?

To me, she is someone who exists with her own faults, and does not hide them. She makes me believe that it’s okay to not be perfect, because that does not make you less loveable.

Stay real Sneh, always.

Love Always, Z

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