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2015 in Pictures

Since everyone in the whole wide world (WWW) is recollecting fond memories of 2015, I thought I might as well jump onto the band wagon. Here is a list of events from 2015 that made me ecstatic, took my breathe away or made me realise that life is in fact moving forward – one step at a time.

IstanbulThe snow covered morning in Istanbul made me realise that I had come a long way from home. Although the trip did not go exactly as planned, I have a feeling it couldn’t have gone any better.

CapadocciaA balloon ride on the birthday in Capadoccia, Turkey. Of all the ways that I had imagined to spend my birthday, this was never on the list, therefore I present to you serendipity at its very best.

PamukkaleAlthough this picture in Pamakkule, Turkey looks absolutely breathtaking (if I may say so myself), the walk in the cold weather on uneven limestone deposits, the rain and the general discomfort are not visible in the image. Very similar to life I suppose, the hardest moments sometimes bring out the beauty we did not know existed.

Virgin Mary's HouseAt the wishing wall at Virgin Mary’s house in Izmir, Turkey, there was a moment where I felt that at the time, everything was fine and that I did not need to make a wish. In that moment it felt like no matter where life takes me, it will be a quiet and peaceful place in the end.

TessOver two decades of friendship and a decade long love came together in this picture. Happiness was beyond words when this one said ‘I Do’ to the love of her life.

NiagaraSound of the water and the magnanimity of mother nature are at its best play at Niagara; where you lose the noise the world makes and are absorbed by the roar of nature.

New York New York“The city is so awesome they had to name it twice, welcome to New York, New York,” was the first thing the guide said when I started the New York Big Bus Tour. Don’t know about the awesome part, but the city is definitely as crazy as they come.

DCThe Lincoln Memorial, The American Constitution, The Washington Monument, they are all amazing, but in this little garden somewhere between the 21 km that I walked on that day was when I saw the best colours fall in USA has to offer.

Disney LandThe day at Disney did not start off well, I was the loneliest most depressed person in the Happiest place on Earth, but Disney never fails to work its magic. The day ended with me clapping like a 4 year old at the fireworks display.

MiamiOn a trip that sometimes got too lonely I met a stranger in a hostel in Miami who quickly turned into a friend. On a moon lit night in September we sat on our beach chairs and enjoyed this moon, a conversation and some good old grape juice!

LAThe chat with Ms.Monroe is only a part of the spectacular experience Universal Studios in Los Angeles is.

VegasIn a country of Indulgence, Vegas definitely takes indulgence to its very peak. Yes, the fountains, casinos, shows and hotels are all amazing, but a walk down the lesser known art district of Vegas with a bunch of strangers is quite unforgettable.

Grand CanyonI worked very hard to get to Grand Canyon. First from Vegas and then from Arizona. Finally one day before I was suppose to fly back home I found a tour company that would take me to Grand Canyon, include a helicopter ride on the tour and had the most amazing tour guide ever. MAC and Grand Canyon were well worth it.

FreedomIn 2015 I finally got my driver’s license and with it the freedom to scale greater kilometers. Basically its only been a two months since I met this beauty and I already cant imagine my life without her.

10 kIt took me two years to finally get off my a** and reach the finish line for the 10 km run. Better late than never I say!

Inner CircleEvery place you live in, is made special by the people that surround you. After two years of hard work I was finally accepted into the Inner Circle – a distinguished society of extremely sarcastic souls.


In the end 2015, you did well.

2016, take me to places I have never been and introduce me to people I have never seen.

Adios Amigos, until next year!

Love Always, Z

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