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When I Found Love in a Hopeless Phase

I had been waiting for a long time to arrive at that special moment. It usually happens to people when they turn 18, for me I had to wait 27 years for the moment to finally arrive. I can’t deny I was a bit frustrated that it had taken so long, but sometimes you just have to wait.

I spoke to a lot of people, to ask them what they look for when finding the perfect one, and the answers ranged from practical to purely superficial, the common thread between all of them though was that after considering all options, I would have to be the one to take the final call. That no one could help me in that final decision, because I would be the one living with it.

And then one day…

I spotted her. The first time I saw her, the thought that crossed my mind was ‘I think could like her.’ But I dismissed it quickly. After all she wasn’t what I was looking for, my family wouldn’t be very accepting of it, especially my dad.

Days passed and I kept looking, but I think it was that moment, something between us has clicked, something about that moment had felt right. You know what they say right, “When the right one finally comes along, you just know. All your doubts and fears slowly fade away and all that remains is hope, hope for a good future together.”

Dad tried to convince me that she wasn’t my type, in fact at one point he was quite adamant that she belonged to a completely different category and that I wouldn’t be able to handle the pressures that came with her. Like all dads, I think he wanted me to be conventional, to choose easy, instead of picking the one your heart calls for.

Against all odds, choose her I did and I am glad for it every day.

She hasn’t been in my life for very long, but I already can’t imagine my life without her. We are friends; each other’s care takers and family all in one. We already know we are in it for the long haul.

I have had many materialistic relationships in my life, and even though I have to pay up every month in order to keep this one going, it’s almost like with every passing month, I own her a little bit more.

Freedom is not just my car, she is my liberation. My Freedom.


And I love her, very dearly.

Happy Valentine’s day!

Love always, Z

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