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Jordan: What You Seek is Seeking You

Ajloun Palace – there is nothing like sitting at a height and contemplating.

What you seek, is seeking you. – Rumi

Ever since I started traveling, I have been waiting for this big trip to happen, that will change my life and I will come back this whole new person. While every new journey has been a completely unique and exciting adventure, I always find myself coming back and easily falling into the trap that everyday life is. Once the vacation hang-over wears off, the grumbling and complaining starts.

But Jordan was different.

To start with, I never imagined traveling by myself in the Middle East. Even though I have spent a big part of my life living in Kuwait, the idea of traveling by myself in any of the Middle Eastern countries was horrifying. But travel alone I did.

Unlike every other vacation that takes months to plan, with hours at length devoted to research and preparation, Jordan was very spur of the moment. I booked my ticket, got my visa, looked up some blogs, made a list of places to see, in no particular order and that was that. (For those who know me, know I tend to plan every single day of my vacation with meticulous details, so as not to miss seeing anything).


Dead Sea has some mysterious floating bodies…

I started my trip with the Dead Sea (the lowest point on land) and ended it high up at Umm Qais in the midst of approaching clouds with Israel about 6 miles off the road, sea of Galilee on one side, Syria beyond the mountains and Lebanon nearby.

However what is really important is what happened between these two points, between the highs and lows and breath-taking sunsets.

Wadi Rum – God, the sky!


Every once in a while you find people you are totally okay with. 🙂

Martial Arts trainer / English teacher, some people are just too interesting.

I pick locations to vacation based on nature and history or because of a book I might be reading. What I had failed to realise however was that how good a vacation is for me, is directly proportional to the people I may have met on that trip, the conversations I may have had and the stories that strangers may have shared; intimate details about their lives, that they would never tell anyone back home, but can comfortably share with a co-traveller.


My inner demons? Nah, just the columns at Jerash!

As much as it is about meeting interesting people, traveling solo is also a mirror that shows you not just your strength and grit but also makes you face your demons. When you are sitting in a foreign country all by yourself, there is no way where to run away from what’s troubling you. No work to drown into and no social commitments to distract you. Those moments, sometimes end up showing you what exactly it is that you seek; without all the fluff that you build around your wishes. Example: You think you want a new car, but what you really seek is greater freedom to move around.


One look at Petra, and you realize that people before us did so much more, with so little. (Photo Courtesy: Ryan Almanzar)

And then there are those moments, when you stand somewhere and all you can think of is God, and how amazing His creation is. I remember sitting on a rock in Wadi Rum, desperately trying to meditate and yet every time I closed my eyes, I wanted to open them right back, to make sure I have taken in the beauty of the place, created a mental picture that I can revisit every time I feel negativity taking over.


Some of us meditate, some of us ‘try’ to meditate. Now guess which one, is which? (Photo Courtesy: Ryan Almanzar)

It was a short vacation, in a country that is barely two hours from home and yet it had more moments of realisation than some of the greater adventures I have embarked upon did. Sometimes maybe that’s all you need, to stand back and take stock of what it is that you really seek and then hope that the universe conspires back. That what you seek, seeks you too.


Until next time! (Photo Courtesy: Ryan Almanzar)

Love Always, Z

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