Author: Zahra

2015 in Pictures

Since everyone in the whole wide world (WWW) is recollecting fond memories of 2015, I thought I might as well jump onto the band wagon. Here is a list of events from 2015 that made me ecstatic, took my breathe away or made me realise that life is in fact moving forward – one step at a time.

The Frayed Ends of Friendship…

Remember when the two of you used to be best friends, and couldn’t wait to tell each other stuff. Maybe not everything, but the important stuff or the funny stuff or the heart breaking stuff. And now, you see each other, node politely, exchange a kind word or two, promise to catch up and then go your own merry way. How many friendships did you have that have now seen the same fate? Doesn’t it intrigue you to see how things have changed? Slowly one day at a time, change has crept up and certain equations that once were your lifeline, are now nothing more than weird, lets-behave-like-nothing-ever-happened moments. I remember being 21, back then if I lost a friend I would not be able to sleep for nights. It was like a calamity. Now, the older I get, the easier it becomes to move on, to let things be, instead of calling up and confronting people about what went wrong. A part of me says, that with age my ego and cynicism towards relationships …

There is fire at the end of my pen

In the October of 2012, I got fired. I had a huge argument with my boss, post which it was clear, that the only way for me to go in that company was – OUT! I came home, called Shephali and on hearing the news she said, “Now you will finally have the time to start that blog you have been thinking about.”