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When I Found Love in a Hopeless Phase

I had been waiting for a long time to arrive at that special moment. It usually happens to people when they turn 18, for me I had to wait 27 years for the moment to finally arrive. I can’t deny I was a bit frustrated that it had taken so long, but sometimes you just have to wait.

#009: The Work Wife

It’s funny how it can take us the longest time to acknowledge someone who has been right next to us. I spend more time with her than any other person. 5 days a week, 9 hours a day, Safiya is with me. Every blog that I post, she reads the draft before it’s published and yet it has taken me 8 long months to write about her. In that case, well, better late than never. I suppose.

Women in my life #008: The First Best Friend

They say the friendships you make in school are the ones that grow the strongest and go the longest. I did not have too many friends growing up, but The One I had more than made up for everyone else. 1997, almost two decades ago was when I first set my eyes on Tessina Teressa Thomas. It’s taken me a long time to realize this, but she may have in fact been my first love. She had the kindest smile, the nicest skirts and the tidiest braid in school.

Women in my life #006: The fellow Piscean

While some friends are close to you in terms of geography or because they are your secret-keepers, there are others that are connected to you in some strange spiritual way. The ones you don’t talk to everyday, but are constantly in your thoughts, Shreni is one of them. I am writing her an open letter because it would be unfair to not share her with the world (also because open letters seem to be the latest internet fad).

Women in my life #005: The quintessential white girl

There are people in our lives that we befriend, people we would like get close to and then there are those we admire. Quade is among the people I admire. Every once in a while you meet a woman that epitomizes womanhood. Not because of the life’s struggles that she may have faced or because of the all the great things she may have achieved but simply because of the way she conducts herself. Simply because of the way she walks into a room.

Women in my life#004: The adopted mother

Alpa Turakhia A.K.A AlpUa I met AlpUa Turakhia at my first proper job post college. The first day I met her, I was seeking relationship advice from her. Maybe it was the depth of her green eyes or her mother like demeanor that assured me that I could approach her without the fear of judgment.