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#012: When I found love in a hopeless phase

I had been waiting for a long time to arrive at that special moment. It usually happens to people when they turn 18, for me I had to wait 27 years for the moment to finally arrive. I can’t deny I was a bit frustrated that it had taken so long, but sometimes you just have to wait. I spoke to a lot of people, to ask them what they look for when finding the perfect one, and the answers ranged from practical to purely superficial, the common thread between all of them though was that after considering all options, I would have to be the one to take the final call. That no one could help me in that final decision, because I would be the one living with it. And then one day… I spotted her. The first time I saw her, the thought that crossed my mind was ‘I think could like her.’ But I dismissed it quickly. After all she wasn’t what I was looking for, my family wouldn’t be very accepting …


If I ever had an elder sister, I would want her to be like Snehal… The first time I met Snehal was at a Toastmaster meeting, I don’t know if it was her warmth or the mention of the word Sanjeewan (a boarding school we both attended, albeit in different eras), but there was an instant kinship. She is caring, compassionate and fun, but her most distinguishing quality is the fact that she is real. She can accept a compliment just as gracefully as she can admit her mistake. Of course she can drive you up the wall when she cancels on your long standing plan, or when she is in one of her ‘disappearing from the social scene’ phases, but there is never permanent anger with Snehal. Try to talk it out with her, and there is that heartfelt apology (only if it is her mistake) and a sincere smile, that will make you wonder why you got angry in the first place. Unlike most people, Snehal does not portray a picture perfect life… …

Land of the dead

Dad always says, “Murda-parasto ki duniya” (the world only appreciates the dead). India mourned a very significant loss this week, that of Dr. Abdul Kalaam Azad (APJ), scientist, former president and a great teacher. I read the news while I was scrolling through my phone in a movie (I do that, escape the boring part of the movie by scrolling my Facebook timeline). I read the news, whispered about it to the person sitting next to me and went back to the movie; it had just gotten interesting again.


Now before you start judging a book by its cover, no this blog has got nothing to do with staying fit and healthy. Not in the physical sense of the word at least. Its got to do with mental health or peace; with fitting-in, be it with a group of friends or in an organisation. Somehow I was find myself at the losing end of this stick all the time. I promise you I have tried to blend-in but mostly I stick out, like a sore thumb! The natural reaction to this is for me to blame the world, but for once I think I need an out of body experience. I love to tell the stories, but this time I am going to jump right to the conclusion. Yes I did disappoint a lot of people with my recent art of scene creation but the one person I disappointed the most was me. The last time I had an outburst ( by now you can guess I have my fair share of outbursts) I …

Again! What day is it today?

I think I am a forward thinking human being, at least when it come to Sale times and buying what I might need in the near or very distant future. And that is precisely why I bought my mom’s birthday gift in February. Yes, you got that right, February! (Because that’s when ALDO had a sale.)

#009: The Work Wife

It’s funny how it can take us the longest time to acknowledge someone who has been right next to us. I spend more time with her than any other person. 5 days a week, 9 hours a day, Safiya is with me. Every blog that I post, she reads the draft before it’s published and yet it has taken me 8 long months to write about her. In that case, well, better late than never. I suppose.

Women in my life #008: The First Best Friend

They say the friendships you make in school are the ones that grow the strongest and go the longest. I did not have too many friends growing up, but The One I had more than made up for everyone else. 1997, almost two decades ago was when I first set my eyes on Tessina Teressa Thomas. It’s taken me a long time to realize this, but she may have in fact been my first love. She had the kindest smile, the nicest skirts and the tidiest braid in school.