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The Festivities of Life

Sitting in my rented hole in Mumbai, I think longingly of my family across the Arabian sea who will be busy preparing for the festivities of Eid Ul Adha. I curse my loneliness and prepare myself for yet another night of, “I hate my life” and crying myself to sleep.  Suddenly a thought crosses my mind, after having put my forehead to the praying mat literally after months, (I am a pious Muslim only twice a year, Ramadan and Moharram), it was almost like God was talking to me telling me, “praying just doesn’t mean bowing your head down and chanting verses, it also means counting your blessings” and thus I sit right now, putting pen to paper, rather fingers to keyboard, counting everything He has bestowed upon me within the last 6 months, this note shall very well mark the beginning  of my Eid Celebrations.