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Women in my life #006: The fellow Piscean

While some friends are close to you in terms of geography or because they are your secret-keepers, there are others that are connected to you in some strange spiritual way. The ones you don’t talk to everyday, but are constantly in your thoughts, Shreni is one of them. I am writing her an open letter because it would be unfair to not share her with the world (also because open letters seem to be the latest internet fad).

Walking the line…

————————————————————————————- It’s weird, really. I pride myself in being an extrovert. But the last two years in Kuwait, have made me recoil a little bit. I stay more to myself, I have really started enjoying hanging out by myself. I credit it to me becoming a more independent, happy with thyself kind of person. But then somewhere in the corner of my heart the feeling nags me, that perhaps I am not good enough, good enough to belong.