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Jordan: What You Seek is Seeking You

What you seek, is seeking you. – Rumi Ever since I started traveling, I have been waiting for this big trip to happen, that will change my life and I will come back this whole new person. While every new journey has been a completely unique and exciting adventure, I always find myself coming back and easily falling into the trap that everyday life is. Once the vacation hang-over wears off, the grumbling and complaining starts. But Jordan was different. To start with, I never imagined traveling by myself in the Middle East. Even though I have spent a big part of my life living in Kuwait, the idea of traveling by myself in any of the Middle Eastern countries was horrifying. But travel alone I did. Unlike every other vacation that takes months to plan, with hours at length devoted to research and preparation, Jordan was very spur of the moment. I booked my ticket, got my visa, looked up some blogs, made a list of places to see, in no particular order and …

On the road to Self-Discovery

Ever thought to yourself that you really need to take that break and go travelling so that you can discover or rediscover yourself; so that you can learn things about yourself that you haven’t so far paid too much attention to? Well here’s a revelation, I made 15 self discoveries about myself and I dint have to go much further than 100 or less square feet I call me home. One must realize that the road to self discovery doesn’t really lie on the road outside of your home but more often than not it is the road that leads to your heart. What you really need to do is sit down with calm and recall all those moments which may have left you either extremely happy or extremely exasperated, and in retrospect you will find answers you didn’t think existed.