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2015 in Pictures

Since everyone in the whole wide world (WWW) is recollecting fond memories of 2015, I thought I might as well jump onto the band wagon. Here is a list of events from 2015 that made me ecstatic, took my breathe away or made me realise that life is in fact moving forward – one step at a time. The snow covered morning in Istanbul made me realise that I had come a long way from home. Although the trip did not go exactly as planned, I have a feeling it couldn’t have gone any better. A balloon ride on the birthday in Capadoccia, Turkey. Of all the ways that I had imagined to spend my birthday, this was never on the list, therefore I present to you serendipity at its very best. Although this picture in Pamakkule, Turkey looks absolutely breathtaking (if I may say so myself), the walk in the cold weather on uneven limestone deposits, the rain and the general discomfort are not visible in the image. Very similar to life I suppose, …

Turkey: Flying Solo

The best way to learn how to swim is to be thrown into the deep end. The best way to learn how to travel alone is to be abandoned by your travel buddy after you reach the destination! A very close friend of mine once told me, “Z being alone is the ultimate truth of life”, and rightly so. But being alone has also always been my ultimate fear, alone-ness is my spider, my closed space, my height, my water, all rolled into one.